Masked Creatures
Caroline & Heiri
Boy with Chocolate Shoes
Ice Cream Shoes
Trixie and Dixie
Sharpy Character Design
Lucha Liebre and Iris Clera Character Designs
Lucha Liebre Expressions and Action Shots
Lucha Liebre Mask Color Studies
Iris Clera Expressions and Action Shots
Catherine Strypes Character Design
Catherine Strypes Expressions ans Action Shots
Catherine's Lunchbox
Chaterine's Backpack
Goldilocks and the Three Lamp Bears Character Designs
Goldilocks Expressions and Action Shots
Baby Bear Expressions
Lava Lamp Dog Inner Structure
 Adobe Photoshop
Indian boy
Bernard and the Awkward Balloon Characters
Public Pool Character Designs
Rabbit Backpack
Girl and Alien Cat
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